A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Telusfax is a archaeo-game set in the teletext system of a British television station one day in a half-remembered 2003.

Browse the system to locate the names of the presenters of five different tv shows.

  • Explore over 50 pages of pseudo-2003 content.
  • Track down forgotten celebrities.
  • Get the most up-to-date news regarding the foot and mouth pandemic.
  • Get the latest football scores.
  • Read about the music of the day.

Telusfax will take only up to half an hour to complete.

Pages created on @GridSageGames wonderful RexPaint using @Polyducks Ceefax Teletext font. Sounds from freesound.org.

Install instructions

Telusfax is a frozen python application. 

Windows users: Run the top-level shortcut.

Mac users: Run the packaged app.


Telusfax (Windows) 44 MB
Telusfax (Mac) 31 MB


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I'm still trying to get round to playing this. I poked around a bit but I just wanted to say this is cool as heck.  

I've actually been thinking about making a Teletext game for a while and never got around to it. I was a bit young when Teletext was about and thought it just looked weird and ugly and never explored it, but since I'm older and Teletext is gone I'm sort of fascinated by it.

Did you use real teletext data to recreate this? 


All the pages are from my own brain. Though most stories are based more than a little bit on real event. Plus the names are made from rearranging the names of real personalities from the early noughties.

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